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LOFCLEAR multilayer filter bag

Our website provides descriptions and specifications for over 1,000 different filter bags.  Using the navigation bar above or search bar below you can can look-up the specifications if you already know the part number or description code for Eaton (formerly known as Hayward) filter bags.


If you aren't sure which filter bag model best suits your application, use the navigation bar  beginning at "Start Here" and progressively go through the selections.  You can also begin by following this link for a brief description of each filter bag model.

Generally speaking Snap-Ring and Unibag filter bags are the least expensive models.  Felt Snap-Ring bags have a sewn construction and made from virgin material whereas Felt Unibags are made from recycled materials and have a welded construction.  All the felt materials provide depth filtration.  The monofilament and multifilament mesh Span-Ring bags are 99% efficient however only provide surface filtration.

Sentinel filter bags are the most popular design because they provide depth filtration, are made from virgin materials and have a welded construction with Sentinel style sealing ring.  This design reduces likelihood of filter bag damage.

Duragaf filter bags are made from a premium material and cost about twice the cost of Sentinel filter bags, however they tend to last 2 -3  times as long!  This is because Duragaf filter bags are made from a thicker material of smaller diameter fibers.  Using Duragaf filter bags can reduce your disposal cost and the amount of labor time spent changing filter bags.  The Cleargaf version undergoes special manufacturing and packaging procedures for sensitive food and pharmaceutical applications.

Accugaf filter bags are high efficiency filter bags having multiple layers of nonwoven continuous fibers for enhanced pore size and weight control.  These relatively expensive filter bags are primarily used by the microelectronics, pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

Progaf filter bags are the most efficient and expensive filter bags we offer.  The progressive multilayered construction reduces or eliminates the need for multiple stage filtration (using multiple bag filters for several particle size ranges.

Lofclear and Max-Load filter bag designs have up to 10 times the solids loading capabilities than standard Snap-Ring and Sentinel style filter bags and therefore are changed less frequently, reducing both labor and disposal costs.  Lofclear utilizes a multilayered design while Max-Load has a pleated design, almost a hybrid filter cartridge due to its rigitity.

Hayflow filter bags were designed to increase the filter area of Duragaf style filter bags.  They require a special support basket but they almost double the particle retention capacity.

While we have a huge range of designs available, its nearly impossible to compare different brands of filter bags because each manufacturer uses different material thicknesses and fiber size/density specifications, so often you will want to order a few free samples to try.

Search our website for a specific part number: If you have a new application it's probably easiest to call, email or best yet, use one of our inquiry forms which are designed to elicit the information required for us to provide a detailed proposal.  We are skilled at evaluating applications and selecting the most appropriate hardware (bag filter housings) and software (filter bags).  We typically reply to your inquiry within 24 hours, most of the time our response time is only a matter of an hour or two depending upon the complexity of your inquiry and the information that you provide.

If you are using a lot of filter bags annually, let us know and we'll investigate ways we can minimize your costs.  That might mean using different filter bag models, incorporating certain accessories or it might be as simple as working-out bulk pricing with JIT based upon annual usage.

Due to our business model we offer very competitive pricing enabling us to forge strong relationships with industrial distributors all over the world.  Please do not hesitate to reach-out and contact us with any questions as we are here to serve you!